God’s Oldest and Truest Friend 

I read a book once called The Life of God (as told by himself) by Franco Ferrucci. I never finished it but I liked it. It was a God I could get behind, the kind of story perhaps I could believe…but I knew it was just a story.

 I’m not a religious person, I don’t really think that there is an almighty being, but I believe in universal right and wrongs, kindness, being genuine and that we all have our own energy. I don’t think religion is all bad, I think it helps people on the long walk home and in the end, As Ram Dass says, that is all we are really doing….just walking each other home. In the book God says that his first friend was the jellyfish. He floated beside him in the vast oceans on an earth that would be hardly recognizable as the one we know now. 

700 million years is at least how old they are…

and it seems everything has changed, but them. 

This birth date also gives them the title of oldest multi-organ animal on the planet. If there were an animal up for God’s first friend I would say it’s definitely the jellyfish…..Gods oldest and truest friend. 

It’s silly, but ever since I read that page in the book my heart has softened to jellyfish. I, too, see them as old friends. Some part of me knew some part of them somewhere among the primordial ooze and then later, sometime before my ancient, evolutionary ancestors ever went on land, we swam together. My ancestors went on land and theirs stayed in the rolling seas. I imagine we made silent goodbyes when we realized what was happening or maybe we just drifted apart (so very typical of jellyfish I imagine.)

Anyways, that’s why I want a jellyfish tattoo, because when I look down at my arm I can remember that we are all just walking each other home. We are just all very, very, old friends. 

Love. Love. Love. 

Ciera Haynes-Brodowski  

**If you want to learn more about Jellyfish read this cool article:**


**And the drawings of Ernst Haeckel: **


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