So I realized that right before I turned 24, shortly after we moved to NC, (summer 2013) I was so miserable and so I decided to make a list of things I wanted in life. A list of ways to better myself. Sort of like resolutions? But I hate that word. So I actively did those things and would look back at the list over the year and kind of just take a mental note of progress. They were very simple. Drink more water, paint and read more, etc. I realized the next summer (may 2014) that I had done everything on that list and was so proud and happy. It really had improved my life so it is a time to make a new list for the life I have now. So here it is.

+ A quilt.
I have a sewing machine but I never use it so my goal for this next year is it to make a simple quilt/blanket. I have one in mind and it is really really easy so I just gotta do it!

I have always wanted to break some shit and put it in concrete in a beautiful way and make a mosaic. Just at some point this year, something simple.

Or also known as water. drink it! Lots of it!

+Don’t underestimate yourself but stop when it hurts
This is key with fibromyalgia. You can do more than you know but don’t hurt yourself.

+Crystals, Gems, Rocks
Commune, collect, grow

+While I am at it organize my 5 year olds rock, gem collection.

+Two Years No Alcohol In October
Shouldn’t be hard to continue to not drink, but I am still proud of the accomplishment.

+Fall More in love with my husband
I love him now of course, but I want our relationship to continue to grow, and flourish, to have our roots go deeper and our branches taller. We have been together for 7 years and the last 6 months may have been our most challenging, but he is still the man I choose every time.

Two parts:
Part 1 Continue to read and paint as much as I have these last two years Part 2 is to write more. It was my first love, it deserves more attention.


Love love love


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