Long Legged Sunflower

I looked over today to see my wild-ling of a two year old standing, just staring off and I was struck by his legs. They were suddenly so long, it happened seemingly over night, and there, in just his diaper and pajama shirt with his blonde wild hair he reminded me of a sunflower.

Tall–strong–a bit gangly and weird–yellow headed–usually a bit of a mess. Wild sunflowers are never perfect, and my Patton is definitely a bit of a mess. but you are struck by their beauty anyways. It was only a moment though, a full, whole, second , maybe even two…and then, like he knew I was looking, turned and grinned. Then he was gone, back through the house in the next second.

It is sappy but the moments of grandeur in the middle of a rainy, otherwise, dreary, Wednesday keep me sane.

My friend messaged me and said that it had been too many cold, grey days in a row. Which is the perfect description.

love. love. love




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