Were you loved enough?

“Were you loved enough?”
“What’s enough?”
-The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

Yesterday, I came home from work and sat in the floor in tears. I was broken. I was in pain, my fibromyalgia is flaring up, I was exhausted, I was stressed because it seems no matter how much I work I don’t make enough lately. So I sit a broken, defeated lady and I was met by the horse-dog Sadie lady. She almost knocked me over as she clumsily tried to sit in my lap and lick my face off. Boston our smaller dog was right beside her wiggling and licking my hands, my face, anything he could get to in the commotion. I finally got them to lay down and Doom kitty our black cat comes out and rubs up against the dogs purring and then rubs up all over me, purring and loving on me too. My tiny general jumped on me with a big hug, and my oldest reminded me that even though he was too busy to cuddle right now his “self-conscious” was with me. He was in my heart and I was in his heart. It was then, as I was sitting on the floor laughing through my tears, surrounded by small mammals that, I realized, that this is what being loved enough feels like.

This is enough.


One more


Sometimes it’s just a smile, a song, a beautiful flower. Sometimes the wind blows in just the right softness and temperature. You know the wind I’m talking about. The soft, warm, breeze that feels like a soft brush against your skin. The smallest of things can keep us alive from one second to the next…inspire us to take just one more breathe. Just one more breathe.