My wish

Me and my husband got to go on a date yesterday! We went to the art district in Charlotte and then chipotle for lunch. We went to our favorite shop, it’s full of Latin American items, hand made day of the dead decorations, jewelry, stuffed animals handmade in Peru out of alpaca fur, etc. It is SO cool. But it also has a lot of religious items from all religions. It has Buddhas, crosses, Hindu gods, books about Judaism, books about all the religions, so many beautiful handcrafted items. It is a colorful, loving, spiritual place. Yesterday, we bought some sage, some more Buddhist prayer flags, some Mexican eggs that have confetti in them (I can’t remember the real name) , and a catholic talisman. But I got this really cool box and Joseph carrying baby Jesus there awhile back:


Anyways, they had a crystal on a chain that you hold up, clear your mind and ask it a yes or no question. If it begins to spin it means no, and if it stays still it means yes. When we got to the car my husband told me that he had tried it out. He said I could rest assured because we weren’t going to get a divorce and he was going to get a good job in the next few years. I laughed, “is that really what you asked it?” I said. He frowned, a little embarrassed, and answered, “well, what existential questions would you have asked it?” I replied without a second thought. “If I was going to be okay.”
“I would ask if I was going to be okay. It is what I have always wished for, I have even asked a magic 8 ball.”
” I mean I’m sure when I was younger I had lighter child like wishes, I just don’t remember them, but for the last ten-plus years that is what I wanted. It’s what I’ve wished for on every coin, every birthday candle, eyelash and dandelion. Just to be okay.”
He nodded knowingly and reached over and held my hand as we drove.
It was in this moment that I realized the profundity of such a simple and incredibly complex wish. A wish, a hope, perhaps too heavy for birthday candles and dandelion seeds to carry.


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