Holidays can get tricky because I am more in the Buddhist boat and my husband is catholic and the rest of my family is Protestant. I usually smile along and make the most of it and celebrate and bring out the true, loving, kindness behind each Christian holiday. I don’t know what I believe about him rising from the dead, but I believe he was a great man, and I see nothing wrong in celebrating him and teaching unconditional love to my children. I did have to work this morning but I had got each of the boys their own sketchbooks and cases for markers, some bubbles, and stickers. They LOVED it. They genuinely loved getting their own sketchbooks so they don’t have to paint and draw in mine anymore. I guess while I was at work my mom and husband did the egg hunt with the boys which I was disappointed about but it’s okay. We still got to do the Mexican party eggs!! So here are some pictures from that madness:







The first picture is the aftermath and the boys painting some things my mom had brought them, the second is a picture of me! Lol and the rest are self explanatory cuteness. I love the last one. Patton looking down smiling, Anders grinning. Pure joy.

Anders has already begged for more eggs for his birthday in a few weeks! They were so fun!

Love. Love. Love.


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