Painting, where are you?

That’s what my almost 2 year old (!!!) says when he wants to paint. He walks around the house with his hands to his mouth saying “paintingggg, ‘air are youuuuu????” It is super cute. He loves to paint and color and create. He is constantly wanting to paint. This morning we painted some bird houses, and I tried to put the painting apron on him but he would ONLY wear it as a cape.


My little superhero painting.

I got an epidural yesterday for my spinal swelling, bulging disc, pars defect problems. I’ve been really sore so we’ve done lots of coloring to minimize the jumping. Haha In other medical news we just upped my antidepressant and it seems to have made me even more anxiety ridden. Hopefully it will even out. Anxiety is paralyzing.

Also, I need to find a therapist in my area. I dread having to find someone I like,breaking them in, etc. it’s such a long process. I have only ever had one therapist I really felt comfortable and connected with, so wish me luck!

Love. Love. Love.


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