21 suggestions For Success


I remember a poster of those tips being on my guidance counselor’s wall in elementary school. Like I have mentioned before I count things to calm down or because I am bored. I use to count the bullet points, letters in the words, etc. I don’t remember why I was in there enough to do that. (My memory is so bad sometimes haha) I don’t know, but I remember reading those over and over. 18 years ago. I saw them completely differently then and I remember thinking that #1 “marry the right person” and #21 “don’t do anything that wouldn’t make your mother proud” were the best ones. I thought the rest seemed to boil down to be a good person and they do, but I see the merit in the specifics now. Age as a funny way of showing you the importance in the details, the specifics.

It is pretty cool a poster from almost 20 years ago ended up on Pinterest and still holds true.

Love. Love. Love.