I haven’t written in almost two months! Nothing too exciting as happened, the usual turmoil or ups and downs. My birthday came and went, 24 years old now! My husbands birthday is on Oct 13th which I am excited about! Then Halloween 🎃 and my youngest will be 16 months old tomorrow! Wowzers, how did that happen?

Time keeps passing and when I actually think about it I have a panic attack. It is something like a quarter life crisis? The first time you really, really, start to realize life is happening toyou. Events seem to be tumbling into whatever they are, jobs, kids, houses, bills, it all seems a little out of my hands and fast, so fast. The older you get it seems the more life you carry, the heavier the weight that holds you down, making it harder to get up to your dreams.

Just gotta keep fighting I suppose.