My brother and his family came down last weekend. It was nice and I enjoyed it as much as I could. I think this is the hardest part of the depression, I know I should be happy, I know that if I could feel right now I would be, and I see them laughing and joking and I just want to sleep. I just want to hide and not be looked at. I’m mad that they can just get up in the morning. They just get up and eat breakfast, live their lives. It is easy and they don’t think twice about it. My body revolts against the simplest actions. I’m angry and sad and this is as honestly as I can write about it. I am just so angry.

*added later*
so the reason I wrote this was because most of the time I can’t write how I am feeling while I am depressed. Even with this post it took the added anger to do so. I am sure everyone that has any sort of depressive episodes has felt this way.


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