Hello people it has been awhile!

I have been going through a period of time (my confidence as a mother comes and goes, which is pretty normal I think) where I am feeling like I am failing as a mother but I just had an epiphany. I mean my pillows have strawberry stains on them and they don’t get a bath every single night and we don’t do interactive learning crafts everyday and my oldest really just wants to eat Mac and cheese all the time and a lot of the time I let him. I get on Pinterest and am bombarded with all this fitness crap that makes me feel like I look wrong and organic, healthy eating, natural toys, all the trillions of activities to do to make your kid the smartest kid ever…etc. It is exhausting. I am exhausted by all these perfect women and all their energy and their anxiety about every possible toxin….I am exhausted for them. I yell, I lose my temper, but I am good at apologizing (with my children at least, other relationships need some work lol). A couple of days ago, I was really sad and so I didn’t play and I didn’t do any crafts and they mostly ran around on their own(ish)and watched tv etc. and I was hating myself for that. Then tonight I thought, yeah maybe I didn’t play super mom but I told them I loved them at least 7 times that day followed by a kiss on the head or a squeeze of the hand or a wink. Knowing you are loved can’t be that bad and if love and a hug is the most I can muster that day, then so what if they watched way more television than they should have? My 4 year old is one of the kindest humans I know. He tells his loved ones he loves them all the time, he’s very affectionate, he has patience, and understanding and I’m not saying that’s all from me but I will say knowing you’re loved can give you the space and capacity to become kind. I don’t know. Just…love your children for who they are, every part of them, teach them kindness, hug them everyday and they will most likely turn out pretty well. Sensory boxes are a plus but they don’t create good human beings.

Love. Love. Love.


One thought on “Just..love

  1. Agree with this 100%. Showing our kids they are loved, and teaching them how to love is the most important thing we can do. You’re doing a wonderful job 🙂

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