Genetics and Ramblings

My family is full of crazies, real, diagnosed crazies. My dad’s side is chock full of extraordinarily intelligent, ambitious, lawyers, judges, inventors and businessmen that all had serious anxiety, bi-polar disorder, and who knows what else. My genetics has played a huge role in my life. When looking at my ancestors, I see their failings, their problems, the loneliness, the disorders, but I also see their successes and the amazing things they accomplished. It gives me hope and reminds me that the illnesses can give you lots of amazing gifts as well. It is something I have to remind myself of, as well as, not to see every little thing my sons do as a symptom of some future disorder. I know that it will be okay if they do end up with this life and genetics isn’t everything! I was a biology (pre-med) major before the most recent breakdown that has lead to the current hiatus from school. When I took Genetics I did well and all but I hated it. I always thought it would be this fascinating and exciting thing but it really wasn’t. There’s only so many times you can drug the fruit flies and count them and their mutations and breed them again before it becomes quite boring. But to each scientist his own science. I really can’t wait to go back to school, my brain is shriveling! <—we are watching monsters vs. aliens and it inspired that.

Side notes, Currently amidst a fibromyalgia flare up, yikes, but the sun is wonderful, and I can't wait for Cloud Atlas to come out on DVD in May.

Sorry for rambling.

Love. Love. Love.


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