Give me a little Happy

I have taken a break from writing this week or so because of all the events that have been happening in our country. What could I say that would compare to the explosions across our country? I just need a break from the news, need some romance and happy endings. Some would argue that finding the bombers is a happy ending, and I guess it is as good as it gets, but the arrest of a child that has done horrible things is unnerving and far from comforting. Psychopaths come in every size, shape and age though, I suppose.

It kind of reminds me of a Doctor Who episode (yeahhh I know ), where the 9th doctor is in WWII London and in the end is able to save every single person and reverse the damage done but he says “Oh come on. Give me a day like this. Give me this one..I need more days like this….Everybody lives, Rose! Just this once! Everybody lives!”  

We all need more days where everybody lives, everybody is okay, so lets all take a break, breathe, cry if you must, and then carry on because what else is there to do? 

love. love. love. 

Extra love to every human suffering today all around the world from all of our human evils. My heart holds it for you today. 


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