Hello Friends

I guess in the first post you should explain why you decided to jump on WordPress one random evening and sign up, right? Well, mostly, my babes are bogged down with allergies today so we have been watching movies and napping (NOT my 3 year old mind you, he wouldn’t want anyone to think he was napping) and so I had some time to do something out of the ordinary. This is where I ended up! Where to begin? My husband, me and our two little boys recently moved back to North Carolina after a 4 year stint in West Virginia. We are excited to be back but moving is stressful and it feels the universe has been working against us most of the time. Oddly enough until this moment I didn’t even realize we had lived there for only 4 years. When we moved to West Virginia we had only been together for 1 year and I was about 4 or 5 months pregnant with Anders. We moved to be near family and so we could finish our education. 4 years later, my husband has finished college and after a few jobs but none good enough to support our family we made the decision to move back to Charlotte North Carolina with hope for a better job market. I am half way through but taking a break at the moment to be with our TWO babies! 4 years….that is it.  As I make more posts you will hopefully get to know us better and I hope this becomes something meaningful, but for now the tiny general (Patton) has a awakened and I must go to him. 

love. love. love. 


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